Thank you for your interest in the Golden Mean Finder. My name is Del Leger and Iíve been an artist throughout most of my life. Having been involved with professionals and amateurs alike, I know that there are a variety of methods, guidelines, and formulas employed in an attempt to improve design composition. Most artists, sculptors, and architects realize that there are four essential elements of balance and creativity: the Golden Mean, perspective, proportion, and related angles.

Del LegerMost methods for finding and applying these four essential elements are burdensome in that they are complicated, awkward, or expensive. Because of these frustrations, I saw a need for a simple, economical device. I set out to design a tool that requires no mathematical calculations, is convenient, faster and simpler in application, and yet can provide all four of these essential elements. After years of experimenting with various designs, I designed and patented the Golden Mean Finder.

I know youíll find it as useful as I do. See our Contact page if you have any comments or suggestions. Iíd love to hear from you.

Have fun with it!



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