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There is a consistency of design found in all creation and it can be identified in the ratio of 1 to 1.618, also known as the constant Ďphií. It is often referred to as the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, or Divine Proportion.GoldenMeanImageSmall0204

The old masters of the Renaissance were well aware of this universal constant of design and beauty in virtually everything they saw. They found that by incorporating the Golden Mean as the basis of their composition they were more assured of producing a well-balanced and beautiful end product. Of course, they were also careful about such things as correct proportions, perspective, and determining angles between objects or between horizontal and vertical lines.

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Designed and patented by an artist, the Golden Mean Finder is an economical device that requires no mathematical calculations, is convenient, fast, and simple to use. It fits easily into an artistís paint box or a studentís backpack.

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